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ZREMOVE is a response to the needs related to the intermodal transport of bulk, in particular loose, materials.  The currently used solutions generate high costs, mostly caused by the reloading of goods – they require human work and the use of infrastructures such as silos, warehouses, yards, and excavators. Each operation of this type is also associated with losses: damage to both the container itself and the goods, and the inability to unload the entire cargo.

The ZREMOVE self-discharging container solves all these issues, significantly saving time and reducing costs. Thanks to the innovative design of the tilting floor, the goods are unloaded directly, for example, to the ship’s hold, underground silo or warehouse.


Key advantages


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longer product life
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lower handling costs
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shorter handling time
cargo loss

Working principle

Preparations for loading

Preparations for loading

When the outriggers are pressed by the weight of the container, the mechanism turns the flaps to the closed position and secures them with a special ratchet lever. 



the container is loaded from the top by a loading device 



Transportation to the place of discharging is carried out using a stacker attached to four upper container corner castings.



Discharging of the cargo is initialized manually or with a radio signal, using an industrial remote control and a control unit. The signal activates an electric actuator which releases the levers and opens the flaps in the floor. Tilted flaps allow the container to be emptied.


ZREMOVE self-discharging container comes in two variants, Model 1 / A for materials with granules up to 30 mm and Model 1 / B for materials with granules up to 70 mm. Lifting of the container is possible both with the use of a tracker and a forklift.

Standard features:

  • top and bottom container corner castings
  • set of hinged floor flaps
  • bolted plates – shock-absorbing material for Model 1/A, removable for Model 1/B
  • the mechanism for closing and opening hinged flaps
  • locking-release lever
  • internal and external ladder
  • tarpaulin for transportation


Optional features:

  • radio technology (IoT) to identify containers
  • radio technology for inventory and container location
  • radio technologies to trigger events – remote activation of container mechanisms
  • confirmation that the correct container is picked up
  • confirmation of emptying the correct container
  • power supply – 2 x 12V battery (one in reserve)
  • battery charge status sensor
  • electric actuator
  • proximity sensor 
  • industrial remote control

Technical data


  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 6058x2438x2896 mm
  • Weight: 5050kg – 5250 kg – depending on version



  • Max. load: up to 30T for minor granules
  • Capacity: 28m³



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ZREMOVE is a Zakład Budowy Maszyn „ZREMB-Chojnice” S.A. brand
ul. Przemysłowa 15, 89-620 Chojnice, Poland

secretariat: +4­8 52 3973419
head office: +4­8 52 3965710
fax: +4­8 52 3973163

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